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Pet Slimmer Finalist

An amazing transformation for “Tiggy” Teagan

Lost 3.2 kgs
28% of her bodyweight.

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Dachshund, Female

Starting Weight: 11.4 kgs
Current Weight: 8.2 kgs
Percentage Lost: 28%

Slimmer Practice
Florida Veterinary
Hospital, Johannesburg

Slimmer Supervisor
Karen Snyman
Teagan - progress 1 Teagan - progress 2

Teagan’s Story

My journey with Teagan began in 2013 when an acquaintance decided to go on holiday and had no one to look after Teagan. She was dropped off with me at 5am in the morning and I got the fright of my life when I saw the condition she was in. She was very overweight, filthy and stinky and very timid. I was handed an excuse of a bed… a filthy, ripped up piece of what I think used to be sheepskin, a water bowl that was so caked in old green slime that it could not be scrubbed off and went straight into the bin and a totally broken plastic bowl for her food! I later found out that she was fed as and when this woman went home… maybe 4 times a week and was then overfed as a result to compensate! Teagan was left outside permanently, come rain or shine with absolutely no shelter either! I was shocked beyond belief!

After Teagan’s “owner” left, I immediately took her upstairs for a much needed bath. After bathing, smelling and looking nice and clean, I put Teagan straight into bed with me (somewhere she had obviously never been) and off we went to dreamland as it was still very early, her cuddled up in my arms!

I fell in love with Teagan immediately and her big brown eyes always stared into my soul! She went from no love, food or shelter to being the queen of my house and my heart! From hell to heaven literally! I had already decided that there was no way she was going back to her previous owner but the decision was made very easy when she never bothered to fetch Teagan again, made no contact with me and changed her number!

Teagan became a big part of our family and has always been my number one… my baby… my “Tiggy Piggy”! She mothered all our animals and continues to do so! The following year, I got a little Yorkie so that Teagan could have a friend and one would think she gave birth to him as she looked after and mothered him so much! Teagan also mothered our two cats and when we recently got a Maine Coon kitten, she did the exact same thing and cleaned and licked her till she was sopping wet!!

I did what I could with limited knowledge trying to get Teagan’s weight down. At that time, I didn’t know about weight loss programs so fed her how I saw best and walked her all the time… something she thoroughly loves… if you take her lead out and she hears it, she will find it, grab it and be gone before you can even attach everything! Unfortunately, her weight didn’t change much and I kind of gave up trying. In 2017, at a Vet visit, they informed me that her teeth were so vrot that they needed to remove some. Unfortunately, she landed up having just about all her teeth removed! As a result, she eats and just swallows all food whole which I think exacerbated her weight problem.

Last year around April, she suddenly started urinating everywhere constantly and uncontrollably and was drinking excessive amounts of water. I knew something was up and had a suspicion and once at the vet, it was confirmed that she had developed Diabetes. My heart was broken but I was not giving up on her! We started her on Protophane and the doses were very high as her sugar was insanely high… over 45! I did as the vet said though but it was a daily battle trying to keep her sugar under control and constant vet visits. Our Yorkie Pedro then suddenly started having fits… always on a weekend, public holiday or after hours. We landed up rushing him to Florida Veterinary Hospital, the only vet open for emergencies and I was blown away at how amazing the Doctors and staff were! Karen showed me that they offered the Hills Weight Loss Programme and I decided then and there that I was moving all my fur babies to this practice!

I am really glad I took this decision as they have been nothing short of fantastic. I soon took Teagan in to register her for the Weight Loss Program. Teagan has always gone crazy for squeaky toys and on this particular day, my son picked one up, squeaked it and Teagan took off… in that direction. However she totally missed where my son was standing squeaking the toy and ran straight into a shelf. We squeaked it again and the same thing happened. A staff member was called who immediately asked me if Teagan was Diabetic! She had literally gone blind overnight and I was once again heartbroken, even more so when I found out it happened so quickly as a result of the previous Vet overdosing Teagan on Protophane! They had her on 15 IU whereas she only needed between 4 & 5 IU morning and night!

And so began a new journey with Teagan with some big adjustments ahead. She needed to find her way around the house while bumping into everything, could no longer go upstairs and to me and was visibly depressed. She could no longer stare into my eyes and into my soul… something that I miss the most. She had started her diet though so she had to be walked every day. This was a challenge in the beginning too as she had no idea where she was, stumbled all the time, fell over the speed humps and was not keen to go walkies… something she had always loved. But we persevered, every single day and slowly she got excited all over again and soon knew exactly where she was, where to go, when to slow down etc! Her Diabetes improved 100% under the care of Dr Darryn Randall and I was given a proper schedule to stick to with correct measurements of her new Hills Prescription Diet Metabolic & Mobility biscuits and correct doses of Protophane, which I was never given at my previous Vet!

In a matter of 5 months, Teagan lost 3.2 kg’s and hit her goal weight! She is a much happier dog, able to walk easier (as her weight previously inhibited her a lot – she used to waddle like a duck), has a much more heightened sense of hearing and smell and is able to find her way around much better. She still walks into things but has even learned to climb the stairs again! She just cannot go down so we carry her instead. She wakes me like an alarm clock every single morning at 6am for her food and injection and when 6pm rolls around, she jumps around me and makes funny barking sounds, alerting me that it’s time for her food and injection again!

Thank you Hills for having this weight loss program as it’s made a massive difference in my Tiggy’s life and I will be forever grateful! With all her obstacles, she has come out on top! One day, I will find the money to have her cataracts removed so that she can stare into my soul again and see all her surroundings once more but for now, I just enjoy and appreciate every second with her… she is my whole world!

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