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Pet Slimmer Finalist

No more street food for Roxy

Lost 5.9kgs
22.4% of her body weight.

Give a paws up

American Pitbull, Female

Starting Weight: 26.4kgs
Current Weight: 20.5kgs
Percentage Lost: 22.4%

Slimmer Practice
Panorama Veterinary
Clinic, CPT

Slimmer Supervisor
Luci Smith
Roxy - progress 1 Roxy - progress 2

Roxy’s Story

Roxy is a rescued pitbull who was found on the streets in a terrible condition and spent months in the shelter waiting to be adopted. She was skin and bones when the shelter found her and we adopted her in August 2013. She absolutely loves food, more than anything or anyone and she slowly started gaining weight. By the beginning of 2018 she was overweight and it started taking a toll on her health and body.

Her joints were aching most of the time, she didn't have any energy and she slept most of the day. Roxy started the Hill's Pet Slimmers program in July 2018 and eats the Prescription Diet Metabolic & Mobility. Slowly but surely she started losing weight and her energy levels increased drastically while her joint pain decreased. She started enjoying her daily walks and was able to increase the distance as she was losing more weight. After roughly 10 months she reached her goal weight and she is a completely different dog. Her energy levels match that of young adult dog even though she's a senior. Roxy doesn't struggle with joint pain as often and she doesn't need help getting on and off the bed anymore. She loves walks, play time and she has a new lease on life. In the past, her transition onto new food would usually result in an upset stomach, but she never had any problems with Hill's and she loves her food.

She is a happy and healthy girl, and we're so thankful for Hill's, the Pet Slimmer program and Panorama Veterinary Clinic for helping us reach her goal weight.

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